A façade which looks good, performs in
the long-term, delivered with service.

quality at our core


We have all seen the extreme consequences of getting quality wrong in our trade. A quality installation does not just mean that the façade installation looks great. It must also perform well in the long term. Quality is also the customer experience.

To ensure quality is delivered, we have in place:

  • ISO 9001 quality management system
  • LPS 1531 certification for passive fire protection
  • A2O Design Quality Plan & Project Quality Plan
  •  A2O Operations Manual
  • SHEQ Manager auditing quality throughout the project

A project quality plan to assess each component

The Quality Plan comprises the project directory; checklist of project information; training requisites and record, programme requirements, material deliveries and handling, risk assessment, site communication and more.

Abtus Qual 02 - Abtus Qual 02
Abtus Qual 05 - Abtus Qual 05

large-scale models for complex detailS & INTERFACES

Where bespoke materials are specified or complicated interfaces are called for, A2O may, on occasion, create mock-ups with the supplier for feedback from the client and their architect.

tablet-based QA SYSTEM Inspection & Test Plans

A2O have created an in-house library of Inspection & Test Plans (ITPs), which cover a wide range of cladding components and systems.

The company has very detailed schedules listing all potential requirements for fixings, finishes, flashings, fire barriers and more.

Abtus Qual 04 - Abtus Qual 04