Rainscreen Cladding

Timber, stone, brick slip, terracotta, aluminium panels are widely used.

GRC, polycarbonate, fibre cement and hard metals are used on occasion.

  • C1189 Lucas Main Facade Key Scaled - C1189 Lucas Main Facade Key Scaled
  • Timber Siberian Larch Square - Timber Siberian Larch Square

There is an understandable level of caution around the specification and design of rainscreen systems.

Correct design and site quality assurance is vital to ensure that the building not only looks right but will perform correctly. Factors considered include thermal calculations; structural calculations (including movement); product fire ratings; fixing specifications; site pull-outs; airtightness, ventilation, drainage and other factors.

Many of the clients that regularly work with A2O will engage our services early in the design process to have a positive influence on the building structure and interfaces with other finishes. This enables our team to optimise the design and fulfil the architect’s design intent.

Brick Slip

Brick facades are making a comeback with architects!  The use of a brick slip rainscreen has many benefits over traditionally laid brickwork including speed of install; no requirement for lintels; flexibility and the option of installation from MEWPs. 


Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar & Treated Redwood are sustainable options, widely used for façades in schools, community hubs, sports and leisure centres and in retail.  


Stone has been an external building finish for centuries. Lightweight stone rainscreens allow modern building techniques to be adopted whilst providing the natural, solid finish of engineered stone. 



Aluminium rainscreens allow large format panel finishes in either a polyester powder coated (PPC) colour finish or pre-coated metal. 


This timeless façade finish has proven long-term durability. Its A1 fire rating complies with new regulations for buildings over 18m high.

Hard Metals

This sustainable façade finish can mature with age. It is popular with architects and is flexible on site.


Glass Reinforced Concrete is an A1 fire-rated façade finish, which offers creative design options for high-end buildings.

Cement Fibre Panels

Cement Fibre panels, with an A2 fire-rating, are a good option for new-build and refurbishment projects


Polycarbonate façade finishes allow creativity in design, especially when combined with feature back-lighting.

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